Why do I need a consultant?

Because I am able to remove blockers and step aside from corporate politics. Because often divisions exist between Creative/Editorial, Operational/Logistics and Content Studios and my goal is to remove them through consultation.


Will you be my contact during the project?

I build my work around my ability to be present for the client, whilst I do work with a network of industry experts, I will only hand off work when both you and myself feel its the next right step. I love being in studios, and I learn most from working with, listening to and watching the talent at work. So yes, I will be your contact.


We already have studio expansions plans in place, will you work with existing concepts?

I would be happy to work with you on existing ideas, but I also believe in a holistic approach to studios and designing spaces that empower and engage teams. My aim would be to work on proposals that allow you to future proof and deliver the growing brand vision.


We want to keep Creative/Editorial separate from our e-commerce will you work on specific e-commerce workflows?

Absolutely. Not all brands want to make the jump yet to in-house content providers or they have a large and strategically developed gap between e-commerce and campaign. Eventually I feel this gap will narrow with most brands, but I am more than happy to focus on e-commerce.