Nick Booth

Director of Multimedia Creative.


When faced with a challenge, Kevin will always dig deep and never simply look for the easy way out, as it is his fundamental love of photography and the visual world the keeps him focused on the end goal, no matter how challenging the project.

Kevin occupies a space in between creative need and commercial viability. He, through a deep focus and genuine passion, is able to target the creative vision a business may have and tie it back to a cost first approach. This may sound dry and a fairly dull place to start, but he has proven on a number of occasions that this is indeed the right place to start when operating in a high-volume environment. From this starting point, he then layers in the creative vision, along with the technical requirements needed to deliver.

He is a committed leader and has the ability to take a high-level view, whilst staying close to the all-important details.

He is a team player that takes people on his journey, and appreciates how the ‘element of fun’ is critical to good working team health…’s rare to find someone that comes with the mix of a skills that Kevin comes with – photographer, stylist, art director, technician, producer, leader… the attributes go on.


Jessica Brown

Senior Project Manager.


(now Principal Project Manager)

AMAZON Alexa International

Kevin is a rare mix of exceptional left-brain-right-brain talent who possesses excellent commercial acumen combined with an exceptional creative eye. He is an inspirational leader, with a proven track record of building teams who can deliver top quality and on-brand results.

Kevin takes full ownership of projects assigned to him, never forgetting the end goal is to enhance the customer experience. He thrives when challenged with inventing new processes and designing new working spaces. He was a delight to partner with during our time together at Amazon Fashion Europe.



Jamaliya cobine

Head of Digital Experience


Over the year and a half that I worked with Kevin Mason I found his technical competency, ability to engage both creatively and analytically, as well as his talent visualising large scale process in a studio setting invaluable. Kevin is also comfortable engaging a wide range of partners and stakeholders across a business including finance, technical resources, and senior stakeholders which is crucial when creating operational excellence in a traditionally creative setting.