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Oct 16 - June 18



Position : Photography Manager
Dec 13 - March 16



Position : Creative Director
June 11 - Nov 2013
















Studio Redesign
Process Redesign


Studio Relocation
Designed/Project Managed



Studio Relocation
Designed/Project Managed
(e-commerce studio)



Studio Design + Build
3 Studios/Gallery/Training Centre



Hi I'm Kevin.

At heart I am a photographer. In my spare time, I’m a Polaroid obsessive. Ive built cameras from scratch. My idea of a good night in is scanning negatives.

I have a background in Interior Architecture from Brighton University and designed my first studio with a friend in 2008. I have been teaching aspects of photography, mainly Lighting and Portraiture since 2006.

Im obsessed with Stephen Shore, Jeff Wall and I have an unhealthy love of fashion magazines.

I have given talks at Royal Chelsea of Art and DIY punk galleries in Dalston.

I also love DATA.

I love logical thought processes and getting the same seat on the train every day.

When I'm not thinking about Photography, I'm at the cinema.


Nick Booth

Director of Multimedia Creative.


When faced with a challenge, Kevin will always dig deep and never simply look for the easy way out, as it is his fundamental love of photography and the visual world the keeps him focused on the end goal, no matter how challenging the project.

Kevin occupies a space in between creative need and commercial viability. He, through a deep focus and genuine passion, is able to target the creative vision a business may have and tie it back to a cost first approach. This may sound dry and a fairly dull place to start, but he has proven on a number of occasions that this is indeed the right place to start when operating in a high-volume environment. From this starting point, he then layers in the creative vision, along with the technical requirements needed to deliver.

He is a committed leader and has the ability to take a high-level view, whilst staying close to the all-important details.

He is a team player that takes people on his journey, and appreciates how the ‘element of fun’ is critical to good working team health…’s rare to find someone that comes with the mix of a skills that Kevin comes with – photographer, stylist, art director, technician, producer, leader… the attributes go on.


Jessica Brown

Senior Project Manager.


(now Principal Project Manager)

AMAZON Alexa International

Kevin is a rare mix of exceptional left-brain-right-brain talent who possesses excellent commercial acumen combined with an exceptional creative eye. He is an inspirational leader, with a proven track record of building teams who can deliver top quality and on-brand results.

Kevin takes full ownership of projects assigned to him, never forgetting the end goal is to enhance the customer experience. He thrives when challenged with inventing new processes and designing new working spaces. He was a delight to partner with during our time together at Amazon Fashion Europe.



Jamaliya cobine

Head of Digital Experience


Over the year and a half that I worked with Kevin Mason I found his technical competency, ability to engage both creatively and analytically, as well as his talent visualising large scale process in a studio setting invaluable. Kevin is also comfortable engaging a wide range of partners and stakeholders across a business including finance, technical resources, and senior stakeholders which is crucial when creating operational excellence in a traditionally creative setting.


Digital Finance Manager



Having worked with Kevin for over a year, I've been really impressed by his meticulous attention to detail, tight cost control and general approachability. His thoroughness has given me great confidence in the Studio financials.




Since the first time I met Kevin he has been supportive of my work and helped me to grow as a photographer and artist. 

The reason for wanting to work with Kevin in the first place was that I saw how much he supported the community of creatives that he was involved with. With his guidance and freedom from the start, he helped me grow The Photocopy Club from a small idea into an internationally recognised platform for photographers.






Kevin has a fresh, unqiue creative eye that brings the best in new talent to the forefront of top brands. Turning traditional methods on their head and delivering innovative, eye-catching content.



I have been extremely fortunate to be able to work with some talented teams in the corporate sector. Both Amazon and TopShop have been very fulfilling experiences where I have been able to engage with passionate, creative and technically minded people. I have outlined below some of the work that has been completed by Teams I have had the pleasure of leading.


my experience


Studio Manager Oct '16 - June '18

TopShop : whilst living in Berlin in summer of 2016, I was asked to manage the TopShop studio based in London.

I was set the main goal of closing the gap between the e-commerce content and editorial/campaign.

My secondary goal was to project manage a full studio and team move from a temporary Arcadia site to a dedicated Fashion shooting space. This included all Budget, Studio Plans, Lighting Design, Talent Recruitment and working alongside Arcadia Property team.

With the support of the Digital Director I re-designed the org chart, recruited new talent, created Art Director roles and developed a new set of brand content guidelines.

I created Automation with one of my Workflow experts that allowed for Digital Asset movement and creation of Data sets for accurate reporting.

I re-modelled the Studio budget and introduced the concept of data led decision making within the studio working closely with the Finance Team.

I moved all the outsourced packshot imagery to our in-house team, at equivalent cost but with greater creative control.

After winning the support of the Creative Director and Head of Brand Content I developed an in-house team that was able to deliver elevated content for Topshop Homepage, Instagram feed, Editorial and Flagship Storefront takeovers.

The real challenge of this role was to instill some of the efficiencies of the Amazon Studio into a brand that had elevated creative output as a main goal.


my experience


Photography Manager Dec '13 - April '16

Lead Photographer

AmazonFashion EU : in April 2015 opened a 46,000 sq ft Photostudio in East London.

The Flagship studio was able to image 7,000 On-Model images per week.

At launch I managed the Photography and Digitech teams, and was responsible for the full budget and specification of the 22 e-commerce bays, from individual layout, to kit purchase to lighting design and inclusion of full video capability.

Working alongside a dedicated HR contact I recruited and developed a team of 10 Photographers, 7 Digitechs. Working with the Art Director we created an extensive and talented Freelance Pool.

I oversaw the consolidation of the French, German and Spanish studios into one UK based team and was responsible for EU Lighting, Shooting Guides and all technical specification.

I also was Technical Lead for the Swansea and Edinburgh Product Studios. 

As a Project Manager I implemented a complete overhaul of the Amazon PhotoStudio Onboarding Guide allowing for speed, consistency and efficiency in the onboarding and talent training process.

The challenges of launching a super studio were many and I gained a great deal of knowledge from this experience whilst also creating a very focused and extremely efficient, data rich e-commerce environment.

my experience


Creative Director June '11 - Nov. '13

welovecreate : Brighton. My first major studio design and build, and my second commercial studio.

I created a design for a 3 studio and gallery complex.

The brief needed to deliver commercial hire studios, teaching spaces, a gallery and a darkroom, as well as kitchen, office and breakout spaces.

As Creative Director I also project managed the build and recruited a team of talent capable of delivering content from Music Videos, EPK, commercial advertising for brands such as Laphroaig.

I wrote content for training courses from Advanced Studio Lighting to 10 week Visual Theory evening school.

The studio rebranded after my move to the Corporate sector some of the existing design can be seen as The Brighton Studio.

Images from the welovecreate studio can be viewed below.