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I'm Kevin, Company Director of Studio Workflow Limited and I provide consultancy for digital content and fashion studios.

My aim is to help you solve the problems that are common to most e-commerce studios and help you elevate brand content.

I have the deep commercial and process driven knowledge that can help your studio grow.

As an experienced Studio Manager, Project Manager, multiple studio owner and commercial photographer with a background in architecture, I believe I have a unique skill set.

So please have a look below to see what I can offer and where my experience has been beneficial to major brands.

I am based in London and Berlin. Studio Workflow is a limited company registered in London.

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background and experience

I launched Studio Workflow in June 2018 with the aim of developing studio best practise for clients.

I know you want to be in safe hands, so there is a brief overview of my experience below. You can also view some testimonials here.

My consultancy clients include Topshop/Topman and the studios for Selfridges, London and Zalando, Berlin.

From Oct 2016 to June 2018 I was Studio Manager for iconic fashion brand TopShop.

In 2014 for AmazonFashionEU, working alongside the Studio Manager, I launched the e-commerce and editorial sides of the 46,000sq ft flagship studio.

In 2010 I designed my first studio complex, 3 Studios, a gallery space, teaching suites, darkrooms and client areas.

I have over 13 years of teaching Studio Lighting to professional photographers.

I continue to work as a Photographer.

I love Data. I love Lighting. I love Interior Spaces.

my ethos

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I believe in-house studios should be the owners of brand content.

I meet a lot of brands where the 'e-com' studio is underdeveloped, under resourced and trapped in an environment that blocks the ability to succeed. The results are often disappointing and the gap between 'e-com' and creative content is vast and confuses the brand message.

I believe with the right tools and vision your in-house studio can become the main brand content provider.

I can demonstrate how bringing elevated content workflows into your studio can provide value, create team engagement and deliver what Creative Directors want to see. This can be achieved at a cost that Finance Directors will love.

Working with you and embracing your brand vision I'll help you achieve, elevate and add value to your brand working with your in-house talent.

I am also driven by Process. I believe outcomes should be built for scale.

"great looking photography that works from a financial perspective"

Nick Booth, Director Multimedia Creative, Selfridges.

why use a consultancy ?

process and politics



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As a consultant I am able to remove traditional blockers, to put aside internal politics and make progress.

Working together we will challenge the notion of 'that's just the way we've always done it' and define workflows that deliver.

Often the biggest problems in e-commerce content studios are team engagement and talent retention. Quite often a secondary issue is the brand Creative perception of studio content.

I can help you change all of those aspects.

I can help you develop internal brand confidence in the studio by producing workflows for both reactive and planned content that deliver, that are easy to scale and have predicted costs.

I can help you with process that will develop, nurture and retain your in-house talent and freelance network.

I can also help you demonstrate that good value is represented by bringing Creative Content in-house.

why work with me ?

proven process



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I genuinely love what I do.

I solve problems.

I provide creative solutions.

I have proven ability to influence stakeholders.

I enjoy working with data and budgets.

I am constantly striving to improve scalable process.

I have a demonstrable experience of building process and executing large projects within corporate structures.

I have worked with both ends of the studio spectrum creating fast and efficient high volume production, and also elevated content workflow.

With AmazonFashionEu I demonstrated excellent knowledge of building process and executing large projects.

As the Studio Manager for TopShop I developed results that truly engaged the Head of Brand Content and delivered results for the Digital Trade team .

I respond well to complexity and challenge.



Studio Design

Lighting Design

Budget Creation

Project Management

Product Flow

Digital Asset Workflow

Elevated Content

Talent Engagement

Lighting Consistency


how does it work ?

studio visit



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I believe in a holistic approach to studios and content creation.

Everything from the breakout spaces to the initial welcome for the models plays a part in your brand story.

So, I’d love to visit the creative studio space.

During this first visit it would be awesome to meet some of your key team and stakeholders.

I'd love to then be talked through the brand vision for content.

By the end of the day we can both outline some expectations on how we could work together.

"He is an inspirational leader, with a proven track record of building teams"

Jessica Brown, Principal Project Manager, Amazon Alexa.

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I offer a complete approach to consultancy, helping you move into the content provider that your brand truly needs you to be.

If that doesn’t fit your immediate needs, I can drill down into the details.

You may want me to work on budget creation, org chart builds, talent recruitment, team engagement.

If its content work you need I can focus on elevated imagery and core production and help you develop scalable workflows.

With a technical photography background I can provide guidance on aspects such as colour consistency and lighting design.

If you really looking to upgrade I can provide full Studio re-design studio relocations and work with you on complete studio builds.

If you are lacking in subject experts I can bring in contacts from my extensive network of industry professionals.

Talent Network

With over 10 years in the commercial studio business I have a network of brilliant creatives who you can trust to deliver results.

Producers, Art Directors, Photographers, Stylists, Digitechs, Make-Up Artists.

From my projects I have experts in Product Flow, Automation and Asset Management.

When you choose to work with me, we'll be able to draw on the talents of these industry experts.

I have some excellent partners who work on specifics such as outsource of Retouch or advanced Studio Workflow tools.


we already have great talent

engagement and retention



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Well that’s awesome. Lets figure out a plan to engage them.

I like to develop talent and leaders in a Creative studio environment.

I believe your brand guardians are most likely embedded in your team.

I will challenge the outsource of content to creative agencies.

As a manager I pride myself on developing my internal team and I will always encourage any studio to do the same.

As a bonus, its often cheaper, more efficient and more accountable.


what next ?

Drop me a mail or arrange a video call and lets chat about what you need, where you want your brand to go, and how I can help you get there.


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